Wolfe is almost 7 weeks old now. When we took him to the Dr. today, he was 9lbs. 5oz.! He is getting so big and growing so fast! He is way more alert during the day and no longer fits into any of his newborn clothes. When we went to the urologist, we found out the he has reflux in his "bad" kidney, which sucks because he has to take antibiotics daily. But on a positive note, the urologist also said that it appears that the "bad" kidney is functioning, after all. So, for now we will just monitor his kidneys, and if the "bad" one continues to grow with his body, he will probably live life with two kidneys and they will just fix the reflux when he is 2 years old or so! But if it starts to shrink, they may need to remove it when he is 2. So, we will just keep our fingers crossed, hope for the best, and wait it out.

Everyone still says that Wolfe looks more like Todd, but I can definitely see him looking more and more like me. I cannot believe how much he has changed already in the past few weeks. Here are some pics that we took today. He was wearing the cutest little outfit and we couldn't resist taking some pics. This was also the first time he wore shoes!
Chillin like a villain
He was getting really tired!
He lookes horrified in this one! "Aah! YOU are my mom!?"

I have truly enjoyed my time home with him, but unfortunately, I must return to work next week. I am going to be so sad, but that's how it goes. Luckily, we will not need a sitter every single day because Todd is home alot of the time. I know that the real hard work will begin when I have to go back to work because I won't get to take a nap later in the day or lounge around the house if I am feeling lazy. Waking up at 4:30am to get me and baby ready is going to suck, especially if he has had a rough night, but I just have to remind myself that tons of mothers have done it before me and that I just need to suck it up and get the job done. Goodbye sleep, it has been nice knowing you!


Nate and Amy Sorensen said...

Oh! He is getting so cute! I know how you feel about going back to work. I have to go back in a couple of weeks and I am not looking forward to it. Don't worry the nights get easier around 2 months, but then they get bad again when the teething starts. At least that's how it was with Sadie. Good luck!!!

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