May 2010 Update

Okay, so I need to update big time. Where do I begin?

1) Well, we got family pictures taken in April and they turned out so good. I will post some of my favorites at the end of this blog.

2) I took Wolfe to the Dr. yesterday for his immunizations and he weighs 13lbs. 12 oz! He is getting so big. But it also turned out that he has Pink Eye, so I am having to give him some drops to clear it up. It looks 10x better today, but now he is running a slight fever and has been super cranky all day. The clinic said immunizations can sometimes have that effect on babies. Poor little guy.

3) Turns out I have a sinus infection and have been miserable since yesterday night. I had to stay home from work today to take care of the baby and myself and looks like I won't be going in tomorrow either. I love spending any time I can with the baby but I also hate missing work!!!

4) I went with my sister's family and my mom to tour the Gila Valley Temple last night. It was neat. I might have enjoyed the experience better if I wasn't preoccupied watching over Wolfe and focusing on the intense pain that I had on my heels from where my "dress shoes" had caused blisters. Talk about ouch! It is a very beautiful building. I can appreciate and accept that it is the House of the Lord because I feel that all churches and places of worship are Houses of the Lord. If I were Mormon, it might have meant more to me than that, but it didn't. Beautiful building, in any event. Glad that my sister invited me and that I got to see it. Here is a pic.

5) I came home last night, not feeling good, tired, and ready for bed only to find a snake in the house!!! Thank the Lord it was only a garter snake or something like that. I shooed it out the back door with a broom and am pretty certain that it slithered its way in through Megan's doggy door. Needless to say, Todd and I will be replacing it with a better one. It looked kind of like this.

6) I got my diploma in the mail! It is official now (to me). I have received a Master of Science in Human Resource Leadership. Woo hoo!

7) Todd and I had our 3 year anniversary in April. Cannot believe another year has flown by.
8) Well, that is all I can think of right now, so I will leave you with some of our Family Pictures.


Luke & Erica said...

Way cute blog, hope you are feeling better.

Handmade by His Grace said...

Like the new blog layout! Cute family pictures. Congrats on your Masters and your 3rd Anniversary! I miss you guys. Thanks for sharing pictures and stories. Keep doing so for us out in the Midwest. Love ya! Hope to see you all soon.

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