Wow! It has been like 6 months since the last update! I can't believe how fast time has flown. Wolfe is now 10 months old and has grown so much. He has 7 teeth, he is almost walking, he can clap his hands and shake his head, he will occasionally wave good-bye, and he loves to blow razberries with Todd. He has been such a blessing to us. I am sad to realize just how much he has grown already. He will be 1-yr old before we know it!

As for everything else, life is good. I cannot complain. Todd transferred to the Safford in June, and it was nice because we were working together for a few months....but I actually transferred to the Morenci mine in Sept. when I got a promotion. I was sad to leave my co-workers behind, but great opportunity and experience awaits me in Morenci. So far, it has been good. Everyone has been very nice and helpful and I am just so happy that I got a job in my field of study. I worked hard to get my degree and now I can start applying what I have learned.
My dad is still based out of Wisconsin and is a traveling man! He was in India over the summer and he just got back from Canada and will be heading to Columbia tomorrow. We got to see him last weekend for the 1st time since March. We miss him dearly.
So, for now - our life pretty much revolves around work and Wolfe. Not a whole lot going on but I would rather be happy and drama-free than to have a lot of stories to tell. We are looking forward to the Holidays and spending time with family. I hope to keep you posted more often!


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